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Greina Smart Home Solution

Smart Home Solution

Greina Smart Home Solution
makes every “thing” in home to a connected “thing”

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Smart Switches

Greina Sparsh is a Wi-Fi empowered savvy touch switches, which can undoubtedly be introduced into your current 2/4/8 module switchboard with no re-wiring. Variety of Switch combination can satisfy almost any kind of requirement. It has also option of dimmer and humming free fan speed control. Multiple switches can also be connected to singl device. Greina gadgets are simple to evacuate as they are to introduce.

Greina Sparsh
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Smart Lights

With Greina Roshani RGB Led strip, you can without much of a stretch make a one of a kind climate for your living spaces. Altered control of our Driven lighting rope enables you to shading your spaces with light like no other lighting choice can. Make sentiment, unwinding, or a gathering atmosphere with the straight forward push of a catch. Each WiFi device can drive 4 different RGB LED strips independently.

Greina Roshani
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IR Blaster

Greina Beacon is a WiFi based universal IR remote which will control everything in the room from AC, TV, Set Top Boxes, Music players to any device controllable by IR remote. No need for individual IR remote once your device is configured with Greina Home.

Greina Beacon

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Wireless Sensors

Greina Sense is outfitted with IR Transmitter, IR Receiver, RF Transmitter, RF receiver, Temperature Sensor, Luminosity Sensor. With Greina Multi Sensor you can control your current machine like TV, AC, Music System. With the assistance of ready sensors and rules your Greina Multi Sensor causes you progressively control your machines and make your home truely Smart.

Greina Sense
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Blinds & Curtains

Awaken with natural touch of sun light without even stepping down from your bed.
Greina Screen will automate the motorized window blinds or projector screens by wirelessly integrate it with Greina Home. Using Greina Home's smart scheduler, control optimum lighting level in your room as per time of day.

Greina Screen
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Voice Control

Using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you can control your devices by your “Voice”. Control any Greina Home Smart devices like Greina Sparsh switches, Greina Roshani lights, Greina Screens blinds, Greina Beacon Remote for AC, TV, Set Top Boxes etc. The instructions are easy and natural.
For example, “Alexa, turn on Bedroom Light.”

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