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Greina IoT Solution

Greina IoT is your one-stop shop for all your Smart Home as well as Industrial IoT Solutions!
Griena Smart Home solution provides innovative solutions for a better ease of living. All your home appliances are connected with our smart devices so that you can manage it with a one-touch smart application and control it.
The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) refers to the extension and use of the Internet of Things (IoT) in industrial sectors and applications. It brings together machines and processes to monitor, collect, exchange, and analyze real-time sensor data to deliver meaningful insights.

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Greina Smart Home Solution

  • Smart Lights (Greina Roshani)
  • Voice Control by Amazon Alexa & Google Home (Greina Buddy)
  • Smart Switches (Greina Sparsh)
  • Wireless Sensors (Greina Sense)
  • Blinds & Curtains (Greina Screen)
  • IR Blaster (Greina Beacon)
Greina Smart Home Solution


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Easy Installation

In just a few minutes, get your installation done and without any hassles to drill the walls!
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Software and Hardware development under a single roof makes our solutions optimized, convenient and very competitive in cost.
Due to our 100% control over Hardware, Firmware and Software source codes, it helps in reducing the product life cycle cost by a remarkable number.
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Access your home from any part of the world. Control your home with the tip of your fingers through a single app. Automation seems to be the future of the homes!
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Greina IOT is your partner of choice for innovative wireless solutions for the connected home without the complexities of complicated wiring!
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Industrial IoT

  • Smart Metering Solution
  • Smart Solar Solution
  • Smart Cold Storage Solution
  • Smart Grid Solution
  • Smart Water Solution
  • Smart Light Solution
Greina IIoT


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Device Management

Manage multipal device on single plateform.
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Customized Dashboard

Design your dashboard according your requirement.
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User Access Management

Manage multipal user from single plateform.
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Report Generation & Analytics

Analysis your data and generate report.