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Greina IoT Solution

Greina IoT Solution provide Smart Home Solution and Industrial IoT Solution.
In Smart Home Solution, Greina Smart Home Solution makes every “thing” in home to a connected “thing”. All your home appliances coonected with our smart device and we can manage it with one touch smart application to control it.
In Industrial IoT, The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) refers to the extension and use of the Internet of Things (IoT) in industrial sectors and applications. It brings together machines and processes to monitor, collect, exchange, and analyze real-time sensor data to deliver meaningful insights.

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Greina Smart Home Solution

  • Smart Lights (Greina Roshani)
  • Voice Control by Amazon Alexa & Google Home (Greina buddy)
  • Smart Switches (Greina Sparsh)
  • Wireless Sensors (Greina Sense)
  • Blinds & Curtains (Greina Screen)
  • IR Blaster (Greina Beacon)
Greina Smart Home Solution


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Easy Installation

In just a few minutes, get your installation done and do not need to drill the walls and cause huge noise.
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Hardware and Software development under single roof makes our solutions optimized and very competitive in cost.

Our 100% control over hardware firmware and software source code, will reduce overall product lifecycle cost.

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Access from everywhere. Connection from all over the world. Command your home and take command from anywhere on the tip of your fingers in a smartphone app.
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Remember the days and complexities of complicated wiring? Then it is gone! It is all wireless here.
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Industrial IoT

  • Smart Metering Solution
  • Smart Solar Solution
  • Smart Cold Storage Solution
  • Smart Grid Solution
  • Smart Water Solution
  • Smart Light Solution
Greina IIoT


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Device Management

Allow companies to control and track all IoT connected devices and provide secure access to all connected devices.
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Customized Dashboard

Customize Dashboard for Data management to monitor and control storage, dissemination, flow, and analysis of data from connected devices.
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User Access Management

Use our IoT platform to rapidly prototype, develop and deploy customer- specific user access management based on customer requirements.
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Report Generation & Analytics

We generate event-based or ongoing reports and create PDF, HTML, MS Word, MS Excel, Images, and Printer reports that can be automatically emailed to customers.